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Consider Communication

By Tom DiAgostino | April 10, 2019
Consider Communication Free Open Access Learning Opportunity Consider Communication is a special project for those of us who support people with complex communication needs.   Consider Communication is promoting better communication for people who do not talk. Consider Communication is a special…
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Access and Functional Needs Awareness Course

By Joanna King | April 10, 2019
Access and Functional Needs Awareness Level Course The material created was funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services mission is to improve the quality of life for Pennsylvania’s…
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Tools for Aging Independently

By Kim Singleton | December 5, 2018
As we get older, we might need tools to help us stay independent and capable to take care of ourselves. Here is a starting place to explore what is available to help with problems that arise as we get older.…
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Augmented Reality (AR) for Learning

By Kathryn Helland | November 8, 2018
What is “Augmented Reality (AR)”? Through the wonders of technology, we can overlay computer-generated content on objects in the real world. This is a little different from “virtual reality”. Virtual reality is a completely computer-generated environment and AR uses the real…
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By Kim Singleton | November 6, 2018
Looking for resources for people who communicate without talking? Check out our sister site Want to talk to a specialist? Perhaps in ASL – or – talk with a speech therapist about a communicating without talking. You can schedule a video…
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Our Lending Library Today

By Kim Singleton | October 15, 2018
The AT Library is a statewide library for Pennsylvanians with disabilities. People can borrow tools and technology in order to find solutions that work for them. Someone picks the items they want to borrow from our catalog. We ship the…
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Introducing TechOWL

By Kim Singleton | October 8, 2018
What is TechOWL?
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Tools help people.

By Kim Singleton | September 10, 2018
Assistive technology helps make life easier, safer or more independent. Everyone uses tools and technology to make life easier. From a knife or scissors to a telephone or computer, we invent things to help ourselves.  For many people, technology make…
photo of the legs of a person in a wheelchair with a white cane and another person walking

We are all abled and disabled.

By Kim Singleton | September 3, 2018
We are all changing, fluid, living people. When I wake up in the morning, I need to move slowly and with care. I’m not as steady on my feet as I was when I was younger. As the day goes…