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During this time of social distancing, many Pennsylvanians can't see or communicate with familiar people, friends, and family. We want to help people be able to handle anxiety and fear at this time.

People are waiting for your used technology! You can request a donation form for your records.

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We currently have more requests than devices. To have your name added to a waitlist for a donated device, click the “GET TECH” button.

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4 comments on “Connect with Tech

  1. I am sending a tablet to you–filled out the form, etc. I also have a number of mobile phones (HTC One, Droid Bionic, an old Galaxy S). Can you use those?

    1. Please forgive the delay in response. You may absolutely donate those. We accept mobile devices and tablets.

    1. Unfortunately we do not provide hearing aides since they are medical in nature. I recommend that you speak to your audiologist and see about places to get hearing aides specifically programmed for your particular hearing loss.

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