AT Champion Youth Program

Empowering young people to spread the word about Assistive Technology and local resources

What is AT Champions?

AT Champions is an effort to engage young people with disabilities to learn about activism, disability history, and local resources to help spread the word and empower their communities. AT Champions is a 5-month long program designed to empower youth and build connections with young disabled activists in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Purpose of AT Champion Program

There is significant disengagement of members of the disability community who have historically been “othered” in our general disability communities. This disengagement is due to systemic social barriers among the assistive technology community and disability community. The purpose of the AT Champions program is to develop and implement an outreach strategy that will improve authentic engagement with assistive technology by all disabled people in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. 

AT Champion Program Outline

Meeting schedule, content, and guide.

AT Champion Resource Guide

Commitment and Payment

Each AT Champion will commit to 6 months of meeting 2 times a month as well as completing monthly deliverables. The total monthly time commitment will be between 10-15 hours.

AT Champtions in Pennsylvania will receive a stipend of $1190 which will come in two installments of $595. First in December and second in April.


PIAT – PA’s Initiative on Assistive Technology

Made Possible By…

This program is both funded by the Mid-Atlantic ADA Center and the Pennsylvania Developmental Disability Council (PADDC).

Next Steps

If you are interested in being an AT Champion or starting an AT Champion program in your region, please contact TechOWL via email at