Connect With Tech

This program helps people get connected to healthcare and more…

Application opens April 1, 2024

Please note that we have a limited capacity and will accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one application per household is permitted, and if you have already received a tablet from our program, you will not be eligible to apply again. We appreciate your understanding.

Connect with Tech gives free tablets and tech support to people who have trouble getting technology and healthcare services.

Do you live in Pennsylvania and need a computer or tablet? You might be able to get a free  tablet if you:

  • Have limited income -or-  
  • Have a disability -or-  
  • Speak a primary language other than English -or- 
  • Are unable to leave home easily -or- 
  • Don’t have housing -or-  
  • Are LGBTQIA+ -or-  
  • Experience racial or ethnic inequities -or-  
  • Are Hispanic or Latinx -or-  
  • Live in a place with limited health care -or- 
  • Are impacted by medical discrimination   

These identities may make it harder to get quality health care. A tablet can help you access doctors and medical services. 


Equipment is FREE for qualified people. Please contact us to find out if you are eligible for this service. This program is paid for by the CDC and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.


This program only serves residents of Pennsylvania.

Made Possible By…

This project was funded by the PA. Department of Health’s CDC COVID-19 Health Disparities Grant.

If You Don’t Qualify

Please contact your Assistive Technology Resource Center and maybe we can work with you to find the equipment you need. We have many other programs at TechOWL that could address your needs.

If you are approved…

If approved, you will get a Tech Coach who will send you a free touchscreen tablet. The Tech Coach will help you set up the tablet and learn how to use it. This program can also help you to get on the Internet.

The tablets will help you get connected to various health services.

  • Meeting with doctors online
  • Requesting/ refilling medicine
  • Accessing your health records online
  • Meeting with a therapist
  • Checking in with your family and having them check in with you
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Scheduling vaccinations including free Covid-19 vaccines, flu shots and more…