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Need a Demonstration of AT?

We help you find the AT solutions that you need.

How to get a demonstration of AT

Do you want to try a tool or device but you need some help figuring out how to use it?

We can sit down with you and demonstrate a variety of different devices. Contact your center to schedule a demonstration.




2 comments on “Get a Demonstration

  1. More of a question rather than a comment. I am the Director of the Foster Grandparent Program in Erie, PA. I have 41 volunteers that eventually would like for them to be volunteering virtually. We can get equipment through our grant, however training is an issue. Would you do training of a group of volunteers? if so, what is the limit? And…..would it be virtual or in person? And finally what would the cost be?

    1. I have sent you an email. TechOWL provides Pennsylvanians free demonstrations and we also provide presentations and training opportunities for free once per year. I hope that we will be able to connect soon.

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