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Orthotics and Prosthetics


Braces that improve the way your arms or legs work.


About Orthotics and Prosthetics 


Orthotics are devices that support a specific body part, such as a brace for your knee or wrist, or an insert for your shoe. Prosthetics are devices that replace a body part. This could be an artificial leg after an amputation or a bionic arm for someone who was born without hands.

What kinds of orthotic tools are there?

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insole are extra supports that go inside your shoes. They might help relieve pain and prevent sores.

Braces and Splints

There are many types of devices that support your body to move more safely. Splints stabilize and protect your joints. They can be small, like ring splints for your fingers. They can be large, like a back brace.

Ankle foot orthotics, or AFOs, are one common type of brace used to support joint alignment and muscle weakness. They might be prescribed for a person with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, or a stroke.

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesthetic tape, or KT tape, is an alternative to bracing. It may help provide support and stability to joints. A physical therapist will show you how to apply the tape the right way.


Doctors can help you decide whether a prosthetic limb is a good option for your body.


How can I find out what’s new?

Technology changes all the time. To find out about the latest options for these, you can type keywords into a search engine such as Google, Safari, Firefox, or Bing on a computer or tablet. These are the keywords for this type of item:


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How do I find out more?

If you live in the US outside of Pennsylvania, you can find your state’s AT program.

If you live in Pennsylvania:

  • you could contact TechOWL to work with a specialist. We can meet with you and sometimes demonstrate this equipment. We can also help with different ways to get one for your own.
  • you might borrow this equipment to try out.

Are these in Pennsylvania’s AT Lending Library?