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Pet Care


Tools for taking care of your pets.


About Pet Care 


Pets can be an important part of our lives.  We want to make sure that they are healthy and happy.  Sometimes pet care tasks can be difficult to do.  There are tools that help make pet care tasks accessible.  Whether a person has physical, cognitive, or other needs, adaptive tools can help make taking care of pets easier.

What kinds of pet care tools are there?

Please check with your veterinarian before using some of these tools.  It is necessary to make sure that they are appropriate and safe for your pet.


  • Automated feeder: You can use this to schedule feedings.  The device will automatically dispense food into bowls.  Some versions will even dispense food for multiple pets.
  • No bend or adjustable pet bowls:  Some of these bowl options come with long handles.  This can reduce the need to bend over to refill the water or food bowls.
  • Water fountains: Pet water fountains often use filters to keep the water clean and fresh.
  • Adapted/automatic can openers: Adapted grips and other similar tools are available to help open cans of pet food.  Some cans can also be used with automatic can openers.
  • Measuring tools:  Measuring cups, scoops, and other tools can assist with mealtime and ensuring you are feeding your pet the correct amount.
  • Feeding tongs: These can be used to reach and feed reptiles in enclosures or tanks.
  • Hooks: These can help you to reach and move your snake.

Pet Waste

  • Pooper scoopers or litter box scoops adapted for standing:  These can be used from a standing position to reduce bending over to clean up pet waste.
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes: These litter boxes automatically separate the pet waste from the clean litter.
  • Potty pads and disposable litter boxes can also be an alternative to assist with cleaning up pet waste.  These products can usually be entirely thrown away after a period of use.
  • Self-cleaning aquarium:  These types of fish tanks can help to keep the habit clean.


  • Automated toys: There are many different options for automated toys available.  For example, there are ball throwing machines for playing fetch with your dog or automated lasers for your cat to hunt.  Other toys may move on their own for your pet to chase.  Motion-activated or remote control toys can also be an option! It’s possible to adapt remote-control toys to be activated with an external switch if the buttons are difficult for you to push.
  • Ball launchers: Like an automated ball throwing machine, a ball launcher can be used for fetch.  These are often long handles with a scoop on the end to hold the ball.  This can be helpful in throwing the ball further than with your arms or picking the ball up from the ground.


  • Adapted grips: choose a built-up or ergonomic handle for your pets brushes and nail clippers. Some brushes even come in “mitten” form, so that you can wear them over your hand.
  • Self-grooming brushes: these accessories might be attached to the wall or free-standing, allowing cats to rub against the bristles to brush themselves.
  • Waterless bathing supplies: wipes, sprays, and dry shampoos reduce need for bathing.

Other Tips

  • Use timers or set alarms to remind yourself of different pet care tasks.  For example, set an alert on your phone for mealtime or to take the dog for a walk.
  • Calendar reminders can also be useful for remembering veterinary or grooming appointments.
  • Security video systems (or pet cams) can be used to monitor your pet when you are in another room or location.


How can I find out what’s new?

Technology changes all the time. To find out about the latest options for these, you can type keywords into a search engine such as Google, Safari, Firefox, or Bing on a computer or tablet. These are the keywords for this type of item:


  • automatic pet feeder
  • pet monitoring devices
  • automated pet toys


How do I find out more?

If you live in the US outside of Pennsylvania, you can find your state’s AT program.

If you live in Pennsylvania:

  • you could contact TechOWL to work with a specialist. We can meet with you and sometimes demonstrate this equipment. We can also help with different ways to get one for your own.
  • you might borrow this equipment to try out.

Are these in Pennsylvania’s AT Lending Library?