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Walking Aids


Tools like canes and walkers can help you move around.


About Walking Aids 


Devices that support your weight or help you to balance when walking are also called mobility aids. Companies like Drive Medical, Medline, and Trust Care make these devices. They come in many different styles. A professional can help you decide what might be the best fit for your body and give you tips on using it correctly, such as which hand to hold your cane in.

This page is about ambulatory mobility aids. For information about devices to use while seated – like wheelchairs – see the “wheeled mobility aids” page.

What Kinds of Walking Aids Are There?


Canes come in different styles. They have one, three, or four points of contact with the ground. Some canes are foldable.


Walkers might have four straight legs or two wheels. Many walkers fold flat for storage.


A rollator is a walker with three or four wheels. It often has a fold-down seat for you to sit on. Some versions, called upright walkers, have forearm rests that come up to elbow height.


Crutches come in underarm or forearm styles. They may take more practice to use correctly than walkers.

Knee Walker

A knee walker is an alternative to using crutches if you cannot put weight on one foot. You push yourself along with the other foot, like riding a scooter.


How can I find out what’s new?

Technology changes all the time. To find out about the latest options for these, you can type keywords into a search engine such as Google, Safari, Firefox, or Bing on a computer or tablet. These are the keywords for this type of item:


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How do I find out more?

If you live in the US outside of Pennsylvania, you can find your state’s AT program.

If you live in Pennsylvania:

  • you could contact TechOWL to work with a specialist. We can meet with you and sometimes demonstrate this equipment. We can also help with different ways to get one for your own.
  • you might borrow this equipment to try out.

Are these in Pennsylvania’s AT Lending Library?