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Emergency Planning

We can help you prepare when emergencies happen.

What is Emergency Preparedness?

The term “Emergency planning and preparedness” can cover a wide variety of topics like emergency, risk, disaster, and hazard management.

Being prepared for an emergency is crucial for you and your family, in your home, in your place of business, or your school, and throughout your community.

Emergencies happen. Don’t wait until you are in the middle of trouble. We can help you plan to be prepared in case of a disaster. Proper planning could be lifesaving.

One of our specialists can help you create a plan just for you.

Tools and Resources for Personal Emergency Preparedness

My Emergency Readiness Plan-PA

My Emergency Readiness Plan-PA is an interactive form designed to help people with disabilities create personal plans to prepare themselves, their families, and their supports for emergencies.

My Emergency Readiness Plan-PA (PDF)

Communication Aids

Free downloadable communication aids to be used by people with communication disabilities and by people who do not speak English during an emergency. Designed for people with disabilities as well as emergency shelter workers and first responders.

Emergency Communication 4 ALL—Picture Communication Aid

This communication aid has pictures of important words. It also has some important phrases and a small letter “keyboard.” These aids can be used during times of emergency when spoken English or Spanish may not effective.

English/Spanish aids revised 2018:
English/Spanish Emergency Communication Board 8.5x11in (PDF – 847 KB)
English/Spanish Emergency Communication Board 8.5x14in (PDF – 1502 KB)

Emergency Planning for Students

This template is for teachers, parents, and school-age students. It talks about needs that are specific to the school environment.

Individual Emergency and Lockdown Plan (Download PDF)

A recorded webinar and related handouts are also available for this topic.

Additional Handouts from Emergency Planning for Students (Download Zipped File)


Additional Information

For more emergency preparedness tools and resources, visit the Institute on Disabilities website at https://disabilities.temple.edu/eprep

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