Connect with Tech – Donor

Connect with Tech – Donor

two people facing each other with a triangle sharing symbol in the middle of themTypes of equipment accepted:

Any functioning tablet, including its charger, if you still have it, or you could add a new charger to your donation. It would also help us if you can provide information about the last time the device was updated. Remember that your donation will be going to someone who needs a way to communicate with others, so we cannot accept devices that do not work.

Step One: Complete the Donor Form below.

You will receive an email containing the shipping address after you complete the form.

Step Two: Prepare the tablet for donation.

· Delete all personal information, files, music, pictures, etc.

· Perform a factory reset. Contact TechOWL if your device is not included in the following links:

· Clean the tablet carefully, following our cleaning guidelines 

Step Three: Send the equipment to TechOWL.

· Carefully pack the device and other accessories (except earbuds) in a box and ship it to the address you received in the donor email.

Next steps:

After TechOWL receives the equipment, we will send you a donation receipt for the value of the device, plus a flat amount for shipping costs.

Thank you for helping Pennsylvanians get the technology they need!