TDDP Exceptions Instructions and Procedures


An equipment exception should only be requested when (1) the Applicant meets all of the TDDP eligibility requirements and (2) the devices on the TDDP equipment list do not meet the TELECOMMUNICATION needs of the Applicant.

On a case-by-case basis, the need for exceptional equipment necessary for telecommunication access for a qualified applicant shall be considered. This includes consideration of devices or categories of devices that are not on the pre-approved list, including but not limited to devices that directly support or connect to the telecommunication device or related product.

No exceptions are possible for cellular or internet technologies.

Equipment not directly related to TELECOMMUNICATION access (e.g. carrying cases) will not be considered.

ANY device or “package” of devices totaling more than $1,000 MUST be requested via the Exceptions process outlined in this document. Additional documentation is needed when these devices are requested, and specified below.


All requests for exceptions related to equipment MUST include a letter from a qualified service provider that

  1. describes why the equipment on the pre-approved list will not meet the eligible consumer’s needs FOR TELECOMMUNICATION ACCESS;
  2. provides a recommendation and rationale for appropriate alternative or additional equipment; addressing why this equipment is necessary and the applicant’s only alternative for obtaining telecommunication access;
  3. describes all other reasonable equipment options considered;
  4. substantiates the applicant’s ability to learn how to use the equipment for telecommunication;
  5. includes specific information on the item requested, including manufacturer/vendor, make/model, cost, AND
  6. describes the service provider’s qualification to recommend assistive devices. Include a statement of the service provider’s credentials (e.g. Assistive Technology Provider [ATP]), and his/her education and experience with the kind of assistive technology that is being recommended (a resume may be attached). For applicants whose primary barrier to telecommunications access is speech, the “qualified service provider” must be a PA-licensed speech-language pathologist. The service provider may NOT be an individual who has a financial interest in the provision of the requested equipment.

For devices (or a “package” of devices and/or accessories) exceeding $1000:

Steps (1) through (6) above must be completed, PLUS:

  1. A trial period with the identified “exceptional” equipment must be conducted. A report of the findings of the trial period must be included with the request for exception.
  2. The request for exception must include a statement of other funding sources for which the Applicant is eligible and proof of denial of coverage. The TDDP is the “payer of last resort.”

Determination Process

After the application has been reviewed by the TDDP and the Applicant determined eligible, the TDDP Program Manager will prepare a written summary of the Applicant’s request for an exception, documenting the circumstances necessitating the exception, and provide a recommendation to the Program Director. The Program Director will approve or disapprove the exception, in writing. The Program Manager will inform the Applicant of the outcome of the request for exception. Upon denial, the Applicant will be provided with written information regarding the appeals process.

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