Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are answers to frequently asked questions that we receive at TechOWL.

TechOWL is the Assistive Technology Act program that serves the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We offer many programs and services to Pennsylvanians with disabilities. We have created this list of frequently asked questions to make your research about the programs offered at TechOWL a little easier.

If you have any more questions about our program please contact us and we will promptly and happily answer any questions that you may have.

1301 Cecil B Moore Ave Ritter Annex Suite 430 Philadelphia, PA 19122
Voice: 800-204-7428
TTY: 866-268-0579
ASL Video Call Appointment

Use the red circle icon on the lower right corner to chat live with a TechOWL staff member Monday - Friday from 8:30-4:30