Get Assistive Tech

Getting an Assistive Device from TechOWL

These are all the ways that you can receive an assistive device from TechOWL

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Free Special Phone Program

Currently, we have over 20 landline phones and 10 smart devices that we provide to persons who qualify for our program. Apply online today!

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Reuse Equipment

Do you have old assistive devices laying around? Are you in need of assistive devices? TechOWL receives donations as well as actively looks for new homes for lightly used assistive devices.

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Do you or a loved one have BOTH vision and hearing loss? TechOWL’s partnership with iCanConnect provides communication access to Pennsylvanians who qualify as “deaf-blind”.

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Get Something Made

We 3D print and make assistive devices for FREE! With our team of makers, we design new and personalized assistive devices to meet the needs of Pennsylvanians with disabilities. Check out our catalogs and growing inventory of ready to make AT.

Connect with Tech

Get a free tablet, headphone set, and stylus. This program is for individuals who do not have a tablet or computer and need access to health care services or have been unable to access health care services because of their location, disability, race, gender identity/ sexuality, or income. Check out this page for more information.

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Help Paying for AT

TechOWL offers the Del Sordo Fund which will provide up to $400 to purchase an assistive device. This is a last-resort funding source and can only be received once.