Spoon/Fork Support

This design is created by Luca Parmegiani.

From the myminifactory: “This is a support for a person with disabilities to use eating utensils. It is a multiple support where to apply fork and spoon, It is a single piece that fits the shape of the hand and where you can fit different types of forks and spoons, as well as a variety of other supports. in the structure there are two holes where to pass and to fit the eating utensils.”The fork and spoon support also features other add-ons that allow it to be used as a phone holder, drink holder, and bottle opener.

The files for the Spoon/Fork Support can be found here

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Tom DiAgostino

Tom is the Outreach and Training Coordinator at TechOWL. Before starting at TechOWL in 2019, Tom worked as an English Teacher through the Fulbright Commission in Uruguay as well as a Social Worker and Spanish interpreter in the foster care system in North Philadelphia. As a person with dyslexia, Tom is passionate about readability and website accessibility. Along with managing TechOWL’s social media platforms, Tom also co-leads the Fabrication program CreATe together and assists with managing the TechOWL website.

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