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Medication Management

Tools for sorting, managing and taking your daily medicines.

What does it do?

Medication management is an important aspect of successful daily living. Taking the correct medications at the correct time can be challenging. There are instant access aids and high tech electronic aids to help.

What kinds of tools are there for managing medication?

Pill Cases

Plastic weekly pill sorters can be found at your local pharmacy or dollar store. There are many types, colors, and sizes.

Daily Dose Packs

Ask your pharmacist for this service. Medications are presorted and placed in a cardboard card with a bubble. To dispense the medications you would push out the medications from the bubble for that day. Delivery of presorted medication is also available from some subscription services.

Medication Dispensers

Electronic dispensers such as MedReady and smart management systems like Pill Drill or Hero can help keep track of your medicine.

Is there an app for this?


Apps like MediSafe can prevent missed doses by sending you reminders to take your medicine at the scheduled time. You can also choose to automatically notify a trusted support person when doses are missed.

Plastic pill case with 14 compartments.

How do I see what's new?

Technology changes all the time. To find out about the latest options for these, you can type keywords into a search engine such as Google, Safari, Firefox, or Bing on a computer or tablet. These are the keywords for this type of item:

pill sorter, medicine dispenser, smart medication system

How do I find out more?

If you live in the US outside of Pennsylvania you would need to find your state's AT program.

If you live in Pennsylvania:

  • you could contact TechOWL to work with a specialist. We can meet with you and sometimes demonstrate this equipment. We can also help with different ways to get one for your own.
  • you might borrow this equipment to try out. Do we have this in our lending library?


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