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Sensory Tools

Tools to help with sensory processing like fidgets, chews, weighted blankets, visual stimulation & movement

What does it do?

Self-regulation is the way we take in messages from the environment and our bodies, process them, and then turn them into movements and behavioral responses. Some people might be oversensitive to sensory input, making it hard to tolerate certain sensory experiences. Others may be under sensitive, which may cause them to seek out additional input. Sensory tools may help people tolerate certain sensory experiences or get the sensory input they are seeking.

What kinds of sensory tools are there?


Touch (tactile) sensory tools include playdough, therapy putty, kinetic sand, soft surgical brushes, bubble wrap, soft sensory-friendly clothing (seamless, tagless, etc.)

Body Awareness

Body Awareness (Proprioceptive) Sensory Tools include trampolines, dynamic seat cushions, jump rope, hula hoops, scooter boards, swings, body socks, therapy balls, weighted blankets and lap pads, compression vests, and clothing, Under Armour or snug-fitting clothing. Ask your occupational therapist about wearing schedules and weighted percentages for weighted items.


Hearing (Auditory) Sensory Tools include noise-canceling headphones, white noise machines, earplugs


Mouth (Oral Motor) Sensory Tools include Chewelry (chewable wearable jewelry), electric toothbrushes, ARK Z-Vibe Oral Stimulator


Visual Sensory Tools: ooze tubes, liquid motion toys, light projectors, bubble tubes, fiber optic lights, sunglasses


Smell (Olfactory) Sensory Tools include scented dough, scented markers, air deodorizer

Balance and Motion

Balance and Motion (Vestibular) Sensory Tools include spin discs, swings, trampoline

Assortment of fidgets including a stress ball and slinky.

How do I see what's new?

Technology changes all the time. To find out about the latest options for these, you can type keywords into a search engine such as Google, Safari, Firefox, or Bing on a computer or tablet. These are the keywords for this type of item:

sensory tools, sensory processing disorder, fidgets, stim toys

How do I find out more?

If you live in the US outside of Pennsylvania you would need to find your state's AT program.

If you live in Pennsylvania:

  • you could contact TechOWL to work with a specialist. We can meet with you and sometimes demonstrate this equipment. We can also help with different ways to get one for your own.
  • you might borrow this equipment to try out. Do we have this in our lending library?


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