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Alanna using a 3D printed bag holder

Press about TechOWL

By Tom DiAgostino | January 25, 2022
Press about TechOWL Check out some news articles about TechOWL! Social Media “TikToker Draws Praise with Video Showing the Importance of Assistive Technology: ‘Some Disabilities Aren’t Visible” “Videos Showing the Importance of Assistive Technology Draws Praises from Millions.” “Temple Based…
Adaptive toy drive edit

Adapted Toy Drive

By Caitlin McKenney | October 29, 2021
Adapted Toy Drive for the Holidays! We are making and giving switch-adapted toys to children with disabilities in Pennsylvania About the Adapted Toy Drive Every Winter, TechOWL partners with undergraduate students at Temple University and community partners to provide children…
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Insight Newsletter Summer 2021

By Tom DiAgostino | October 11, 2021
TechOWL Insights Summer 2021 Pennsylvania’s designated Assistive Technology Act Program 9 regional centers across the Commonwealth of PA. Funded by the federal and state governments as well as other grants TechOWL helps Pennsylvanians find the technology, tools, and gadgets to…
Woman with a white cane crosses a street holding a Trek audio device.

Talking Devices Around Your Home

By JuleAnn Lieberman | October 11, 2021
Talking Devices Around Your Home Talking Clocks and watches are frequently the first products chosen by the blind and vision impaired.  Easy to use with talking set -up they can tell time at a simple push of a button.  In…
Round magnifying glass over a newspaper.

The Disappearing Print

By JuleAnn Lieberman | October 11, 2021
The Disappearing Print Nationwide 7,208,700adults ages 16 to 75+ as reported in 2017 have vision loss that cannot be corrected with glasses or medical intervention. The most common complaints are the inability to read typical print in newspapers, product labels,…
Person using a white cane to navigate along a textured strip of sidewalk

On the Move for Blindness and Low Vision

By JuleAnn Lieberman | October 11, 2021
On the Move Vision Loss and Blindness does not mean that you cannot leave home independently or travel safely. White canes are the first tool used by the blind or vision impaired. The purpose of the white cane is to…

Communication Board Project – Parks and Rec

By Hali Strickler | September 29, 2021
A moment at ACES 2016

Let’s Talk about Sex – AAC and Me

By Hali Strickler | September 22, 2021
Let’s Talk about Sex – AAC and Me Learn and talk about sexuality, sexual expression, sexual behavior, and intimacy with AAC ACES 2021 – Let’s Talk about Sex Join us for a 6-week ACES Online Strand for AAC users.  Learn…

Donate to TechOWL

By Tom DiAgostino | September 15, 2021
Donate to TechOWL How to Donate to TechOWL The best and easiest way to donate to TechOWL is to send a check. Make the check out to: “Temple University” Write this in the memo line: “TechOWL” Mail the check to…
Child in a wheelchair using an eye gaze communication device

Learning Media Assessment for Blind and Low Vision Students

By JuleAnn Lieberman | August 25, 2021
Learning Media Assessment for Blind and Low Vision Students What is a Learning Media Assessment? A Learning Media Assessment is a way to find the best format for a student with a visual impairment to learn. A learning media assessment…
a circle of seated people, some in wheelchairs touching hands

Back to School Series

By Tom DiAgostino | August 25, 2021
Back to School Series Below are several blog posts all about assistive technology in schools! We hope that this will help you know about all the options and opportunities out there to get your child or loved one the assistive…

Me and My AT

By Alanna Raffel | August 20, 2021
Me and my Assistive Technology Assistive Technology is incredibly important. It is even more important that teachers know about this technology and how to best support students with their technology. TechOWL has made a quick resource page to fill out…
An AAC user and a friend looking together at an AAC device

Augmentative and Alternative Communication and the IEP

By Hali Strickler | August 18, 2021
Augmentative and Alternative Communication and the IEP ***Please note these are suggestions. All IEPs MUST be individualized to meet the unique needs of each student. If a student needs Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), then it is important for that…
three young men using tablet technology

Assistive Technology and the IEP/IFSP

By Alanna Raffel | August 18, 2021
Assistive Technology and the IEP/IFSP Including Assistive Technology (AT) in the IEP/IFSP is important to student success. It should be a collaborative team effort to determine which types of AT would be most beneficial. Including AT wherever appropriate will ensure…
multiple sensory kits

Assistive Technology in School

By Alanna Raffel | August 12, 2021
Assistive Technology in Schools It’s almost back to school time! That means new backpacks and school supplies. For some students, it also means making sure that you have everything you need to be successful at school. Assistive technology (AT) allows…