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TechOWL Battles the Virus

By Kim Singleton | March 13, 2020
For the time being, COVID 19 is affecting TechOWL. We need to keep each other safe and healthy. The TechOWL staff is available to you. You can email, web chat, video chat or call us. Please reach out. Lending Library:…
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About Coronavirus

By Kim Singleton | March 1, 2020
Simple information with icons to share about the new coronavirus. This includes a shopping list for planning a personal response. Please feel free to download these by clicking on the image.
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Annual Report 2018-2019

By Tom DiAgostino | February 27, 2020
Here is TechOWL’s most recent annual report reflecting the service that we provided from July 2018 to June 2019. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. TechOWL ANNUAL REPORT 2018 – 2019
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Keys to Accessible Digital Information

By Tom DiAgostino | January 27, 2020
Welcome Access this 37-minute webinar via the buttons below! After viewing the webinar, please fill out the short “Evaluation Form” so that we know how to best improve this webinar and future webinars. We greatly appreciate your time.    …
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I Don’t Want That! – ATIA 2020

By Kim Singleton | January 10, 2020
I Don’t Want That! Acceptance and Use of Assistive Technology Bibliography Czaja, S. J., Charness, N., Fisk, A. D., Hertzog, C., Nair, S. N., Rogers, W. A., & Sharit, J. (2006). Factors predicting the use of technology: Findings from the…
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ACES 2023 Needs Volunteers

By Kim Singleton | November 26, 2019
ACES is a program for young adult users of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) located on the main campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  ACES is a two-week intensive program followed by monthly meetups and ongoing social media engagement.…
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Zipper Helper

By Kim Singleton | November 13, 2019
This Zipper Helper was created by a 3D printing enthusiast to assist their cousin who cannot use their left arm. : “My cousin can’t use his left arm and I have seen him so many times opening metal zippers, that…
An AAC user and a friend looking together at an AAC device

Introduction to Assistive Technology

By Tom DiAgostino | September 17, 2019
Assistive Technology 101 For most people technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, however, technology makes things possible. ~Mary Pat Radabaugh, Director of IBM National Support Center for Persons with Disabilities, 1988 How to use this site? The big question: “Where…
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More Money for the Lending Library

By Kim Singleton | July 9, 2019
We have exciting news! Governor Wolf and the PA state government passed a budget for 2019-2020. This is good news for TechOWL and the people we serve. The budget includes more money for our AT lending library. We can purchase…

Apply for a Special Phone

By Kim Singleton | July 2, 2019
You can complete the application form online – or – download and print out the forms. Before you apply online, gather the documents listed in  “Next Steps”. If you would rather fill out a printable form, click on the form…
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Consider Communication

By Tom DiAgostino | April 10, 2019
Consider Communication Free Open Access Learning Opportunity Consider Communication is a special project for those of us who support people with complex communication needs. Consider Communication is promoting better communication for people who do not talk. Consider Communication is a special project…
three young men using tablet technology

Access and Functional Needs Awareness Course

By TechOWL Staff | April 10, 2019
Access and Functional Needs Awareness Level Course The material created was funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ mission is to improve the quality of life for Pennsylvania’s…
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Annual Report 2017-2018

By Kim Singleton | February 3, 2019
Here is TechOWL’s annual report reflecting the service that we provided from July 2017 to June 2018. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments TechOWL ANNUAL REPORT 2017-2018
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Tools for Aging Independently

By Kim Singleton | December 5, 2018
As we get older, we might need tools to help us stay independent and capable to take care of ourselves. Here is a starting place to explore what is available to help with problems that arise as we get older.…
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Augmented Reality (AR) for Learning

By Kathryn Helland | November 8, 2018
What is “Augmented Reality (AR)”? Through the wonders of technology, we can overlay computer-generated content on objects in the real world. This is a little different from “virtual reality”. Virtual reality is a completely computer-generated environment and AR uses the real…