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TechOWL regularly adds recordings from training to our website and youtube channel. Please enjoy this content. If you are in the state of Pennsylvania and would like a presentation or training please fill out the Training Request Form.

We have training from emergency preparedness to how to set up a new iPad, you can find the information here.

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Assistive Technology Essentials

This is a certificate-generating asynchronous training. This course is self-guided and to receive the certificate of 2 hours worth of studying you must watch all of the videos, take all of the quizzes, and take the final survey. This course is FREE and can be taken at any time.

Apps for Our Whole Lives

This is a comprehensive list of several assistive apps that are organized by functional need. This is an educational resource for people to learn about some of the latest and greatest apps on the market.

AT for Early Intervention

A training recording and slide deck about assistive technology for service providers, families, and organizations that assist a child with a disability from ages birth to 3 years old.

I Don't Want That! ATIA 2020

This is a training about the transition of using assistive technology. Sometimes it is hard to accept that assistive technology in one's life, this training is about the personal stories of accepting AT in the lives of two TechOWL staff members.

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AAC In The Time Of COVID 19

The objectives of this webinar are:

  • Discuss how to identify and find assistive technology solutions for communication.
  • Some specifics about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).
  • Resources on how AAC can help people to stay connected during COVID19.
  • Resources for individuals and service providers use regarding AAC in Pennsylvania.


A program of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University, College of Education and Human Development.

  • Learn the elements of an AAC evaluation
  • Understand ways to judge the effectiveness of an AAC device
  • Examples and resources are shared

This training is funded by the Office of Developmental Programs, Bureau of Supports for Autism, and Special Populations.

Consider Communication

Consider Communication is a special project for those of us who support people with complex communication needs. The goal of the content of this learning opportunity is that everyone can access the materials. To review the content of this learning opportunity, check out the Consider Communications online platform.

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Access to Functional Needs Training

The intended audience for the content is Pennsylvania Department of Human Services employees, other Commonwealth collaborating agency employees, and community partners who may assume roles in mass care or emergency assistance operations.


  • 3.5 hour Access and Functional Needs Awareness Level Course materials
  • 15-minutes Access and Functional Needs Just-In-Time Training materials
  • The creation and compilation of easy-to-reference job tools for a ToolKit
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Key To Accessible Digital Information

Thank you for your interest in learning about Keys to Accessible Digital Information! The objectives of this webinar are:

  • Understand what accessibility is and how to assess whether or not a document or website is accessible.
  • Discuss various ways to make documents and PowerPoints accessible using built-in Microsoft tools.
  • Identify resources for including all people with disabilities when disseminating information.

WordPress for All

20% of traffic to your website could come from users with a disability. We know that you don’t want to lose 20% of potential traffic to your site. We also know that you probably don’t have the budget to hire a professional accessibility expert.

We can help you learn to make it easy for everyone to use your website.


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Technology can be confusing. We want to make using assistive technology easier for everyone! Find out how to use many iPad features, chrome extensions, and accessibility features with the guides below.