Consider Communication

Consider Communication

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Consider Communication is a special project for those of us who support people with complex communication needs.


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Consider Communication is promoting better communication for people who do not talk.

Consider Communication is a special project for those of us who support people with complex communication needs. We will share information and insights.

This project lives at

Consider Communication Concepts

Consider Communication has several parts.

  • In April 2019, we will hold 5 one-day learning sessions with direct support staff, family members, therapists and others in Pennsylvania. Speech-language pathologists with a passion for people with complex communication needs will lead these learning opportunities.
  • Everyone that joined the day-long session, can meet at another time in smaller groups.  We will meet in a video chat room and discuss individual needs. We will create a vision, ideas and plan for particular people we support.
  • The Consider Communication learning opportunity as 5 core learning objectives. Each concept will be in a module. These modules include:

The goal of the content of this learning opportunity is that everyone can access the materials. To review the content of this learning opportunity, check out the Consider Communications online platform here

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  1. I attended this in Pittsburgh and cannot seem to find the links to the online tools we used in the training. Can you please assist?

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