CreATe Together – 3D print Catalog

We serve all Pennsylvanians! If you live outside Pennsylvania, we have options listed below!

If you do not live in Pennsylvania, consider looking into these alternatives:

  • Find your state’s AT Act Program: Each state and territory in the United States has an Assistive Technology Act program. Some of the state programs also do 3D printing and fabrication, but some do not. Reach out to your state’s program to learn more about what resources they have.
  • Find a 3D printer in your area: Many libraries, universities, and even high schools have 3D printers and will print these devices for you. The files are all linked in our catalog.
  • Makers Making Change: Many of the files that we use are from this organization. They have volunteers across the US and Canada that may be able to print things for you. They might need you to contribute to the shipping cost.

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Please limit 3 items per order

“Ready to Make” Catalog

Nail Clipper Holder

Reading Bar (Flat or Curved)

3d printed bar with a long vertical hole for help isolate text
Reading Bar File Flat / Curved

Hand Support Tool

Zipper Aid

Can Holder

Bag holder

Finger Brush

Button Hook

Signature Guide

Boomerang Bottle Opener

Adaptive Button Switch

Project Core Symbols

Plug Pull

Straw holder

Card Holder