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We serve all Pennsylvanians! If you live outside Pennsylvania, we have options listed below!

If you do not live in Pennsylvania, consider looking into these alternatives:

  • Find your state’s AT Act Program: Each state and territory in the United States has an Assistive Technology Act program. Some of the state programs also do 3D printing and fabrication, but some do not. Reach out to your state’s program to learn more about what resources they have.
  • Find a 3D printer in your area: Many libraries, universities, and even high schools have 3D printers and will print these devices for you. The files are all linked in our catalog.
  • Makers Making Change: Many of the files that we use are from this organization. They have volunteers across the US and Canada that may be able to print things for you. They might need you to contribute to the shipping cost.

TechOWL can get these items made at your request.

"Ready to Make" Catalog

This is the 3D printed low tech AT kit
yellow button switch

Low Tech AT kit

The low tech AT kit can help individuals with arthritis, finger and hand dexterity issues, etc. with daily tasks. Contents of a Makers Making Change Low Tech AT Kit include:
(1) Key Turner, (2) Palm Pen Holder, (3) Ball Pen Holder, (4) Bottle Opener, (5) Nail Clipper Holder

Low Tech AT Kit Files

Button Switch

Button switches allow greater access. Buttons can be very expensive. This build will cost between $2-$3 each.

Button Switch File

an AAC key guard

AAC Key Guard

AAC Key Guards assist people that use AAC devices to isolate on one specific icon and not accidentally touch another. These devices can be very expensive on market, but easily printed on a 3D printer.

There is no file to share since they are all custom made. If you are interested in making these, you can follow the incredibly detailed instructions from this web page: AAC Key Guard Resource

a 3d printed nail clipper

Adaptive Nail Clipper Holder

The nail clipper holder is a low-cost, 3D-printed handheld tool that makes clipping nails a less strenuous task for people with gripping issues and limited finger dexterity. This 3D-Printed Assistive Device has two separate parts: a holder to contain a standard sized nail clipper and a large force applicator so users can clip their nails by pushing down on it with their palm or hand.

Adaptive Nail Clipper Holder Files

3D printed key holder

Key Helper

The Key Helper is a large attachment that you can bolt onto any key to give you a better grip when using you key. This style of Key helper is very common and many different designs can be found online.

Key Helper Files

Fork held by a 3D printed cuff

Spoon/Fork Aid

This is a support for a person with disabilities to use eating utensils. It is a multiple support where to apply fork and spoon, It is a single piece that fits the shape of the hand and where you can fit different types of forks and spoons, as well as a variety of other supports. in the structure there are two holes where to pass and to fit the eating utensils.The fork and spoon support also features other add-ons that allow it to be used as a phone holder, drink holder, and bottle opener.

Spoon/Fork Aid Files

3D printed ball stylus

Ball Stylus

The Ball Stylus can be customized for ball size, stylus length, and surface smoothness. This stylus was designed for people who have difficulty extending a finger to operate a tablet, and have difficulty gripping a standard stylus.

Ball Stylus Files

a 3d printed bar with a long hole to help isolate text

Reading Bar

The dyslexia bar is a low-cost, 3D-printed handheld tool that isolates text on a page so readers can focus on reading one or two lines at a time. This reading bar can be used on flat documents and sheets of paper. Currently, there are two versions of this tool: one with a small reading window and one with a large reading window.

Flat Bar Files | Curved Bar Files

3D printed pen hand support

Hand Support Tool

The hand-support writing tool is a unique grip that a person can use to hold a pen while gripping this device

Hand Support Tool File.

Multiple 3D printed zippers

Zipper Helper

This Zipper Helper was created by a 3D printing enthusiast to assist their cousin who cannot use their left arm: “My cousin can’t use his left arm and I have seen him so many times opening metal zippers, that I decided to do something about it." With EasyZipper you can use your teeth or some other means, to open your zippers.

Zipper Helper Files

3d printed signature guide

Signature Guide

A Signature Guide is a low cost, 3D Printed Assistive Writing Aid that helps people with dyslexia or other disabilities to write on a specific spot for purposes such as writing a name, signature, or initials. This design is the size of a standard ID card so it will fit in a wallet and has 5 different boxes of different sizes.

Signature Guide Files

bottle opener 1

Bottle Opener 1

This is one is one of the botte opener designs that we have at TechOWL

Bottle Opener 1 Files

Ball pan holder

Ball Pen Holder

This is a pen grip in the shape of a ball that can help someone that struggles to grip a pen. We have a child size version of this device!

Ball Pen Holder | Child Sized Ball Pen Holder (File to be published soon)

Palm Pen Holder

Palm Pen Holder

This is a pen holder that is designed after a universal cuff. This can assist someone that cannot grip to write using their palm.

Palm Pen Holder Files

Bag Holder

Bag Holder

This is a device that can assist someone to hold multiple bags.

Bag Holder File

Book Page Holder

Book Page Holder

This is a small device that can help you hold the pages of your book open with 1 hand.

Book Page Holder Files

button hook

Button Hook

The button hook can help someone button their shirt as well as zipper a coat with the hook on the other end.

Button Hook Files

pill ejector

Pill ejector

This pill ejector helps get medicine out of blister packs.

Pill ejector file

3D can holder

Can Holder

This is a device that can help someone hold a can using a handle.

Can Holder Files

bottle opener 2

Bottle Opener 2

This is a smaller bottle opener which is best for water bottles and sodas. This has a boomerang shape which is great to hold.

Bottle Opener 2 Files

3D printed Communication icons

Project Core Symbols

These symbols are designed to act as handheld tactile communication icons that you can hold or wear like a necklace. You will see a communication symbol, braille, as well as the word etched into the icon. These are incredible tools to augment communication for emerging communicators.

Project Core Symbols files here

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