Communication Assistant for COVID-19

Please feel free to share this simple communication assistant when people can’t talk. Extra words added about the coronavirus with common core words.

To download the board…

You can print, glue
the board to oaktag or cardboard, and laminate.  If you don’t have a laminator, you can use clear contact paper, or packing tape.  This will make the board sturdy and help to keep it clean. 

Sanitize the laminated pages.  Dispose of paper versions after use. 

Please share this resource with friends, family, and medical professionals.  No one should go through this pandemic without a voice.  If you live in Pennsylvania, scroll to the bottom of this page to order your FREE laminated board(s).

Download TechOWL’s  AAC COVID19 Core Board

A communication board with many icons on it including specific ones for the coronavirus


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Kim Singleton

Kim is the Senior Director of TechOWL @ the Institute on Disabilities. In her previous life, Kim was a speech-language pathologist specializing in children and adults with complex communication needs, creatively enhancing lives with emerging technology. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, she received her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology from Miami University. She loves to sing and play.

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