Assistive Technology Tips: Ironing

Do you have trouble with ironing? For many people with disabilities, some household tasks may be difficult or unsafe. However, there are many strategies and low-cost options that can make tasks like ironing easier and safer.

  1. If you have trouble standing for long periods of time or use a wheelchair
  2. If the iron is too heavy:
  3. Want to avoid ironing all together?
      • Give each item a little shake when transferring things from the washer to the dryer
      • Put a smaller load of clothing in the dryer to give it room to tumble more freely
      • Hang clothes up right after they come out of the dryer
      • Hang a wrinkled item in a steamy bathroom while you shower
      • Put your wrinkled item in the dryer with an ice cube for about 10 minutes
      • Try using a hair straightener for button rows, hems, and collars
      • Use wrinkle release spray
      • Purchase clothing that is made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics, such as denim, polyester, and wool
      • Delegate if you can: Ask a family member or friend for help or check out prices at your local dry cleaner

Do you have more ideas about how to make ironing easier and safer? Add them in the comments below.

Have an idea about an item that might make ironing or other household chores easier for you? Reach out to our program CreATe Together and we might be able to work together to make a custom piece of assistive technology.

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Alanna Raffel

Alanna Raffel is an occupational therapist. She has worked in a variety of settings including acute rehab, outpatient pediatrics, early intervention, and schools. She is passionate about accessibility and loves discovering and making new tools that promote independence. Alanna enjoys making assistive technology using her sewing machine and 3D printer.

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