Introduction to Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology 101

For most people technology makes things easier. For people with disabilities, however, technology makes things possible.

~Mary Pat Radabaugh, Director of IBM National Support Center for Persons with Disabilities, 1988

How to use this site?

The big question: “Where do I start!?!?!”. The great thing about having this training online is that you can start anywhere that you like and in any order that you like! We have organized this training to present information about Assistive Technology in an order that starts out more general and than gets more specific.

If you already know a lot about Assistive Technology, feel free to use this as a refresher or to look for specific information. If this is new to you, we hope that you follow the order that this information is presented. This site will also be used during in-person presentations, so if you are on this page during an in-person presentation, we hope that this will be a great online resource for you in the future!

What to Expect?

On this site you will learn:

  • What is assistive technology
  • How to use them at home, in school, at work, and in your personal life
  • How Assistive Technology is helpful for all abilities
  • How and where to get Assistive Technology
  • What we are doing in Pennsylvania to make Assistive Technology more accessible to Pennsylvanians.


Watch AT 101 Webinar

AT 101 Webinar

Explore our Curriculum

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