Talking Devices Around Your Home

Talking Devices Around Your Home

Talking Clocks and watches are frequently the first products chosen by the blind and vision impaired.  Easy to use with talking set -up they can tell time at a simple push of a button.  In the kitchen, you can add talking timers, food scales, and food thermometers and there is even a talking microwave and toaster oven. The bathroom can include a talking weight scale, talking oral or forehead/ear thermometers, and include talking prescription bottles. Voice control and talking thermostats help keep your home warm in winter or cool in summer.  Cable providers may offer a voice control television remote and enable talking television menus and audio descriptions of many shows and movies. Audio description is possible using the second audio output (SAP) on your TV and cable box.  This is an audio description of the scene, action, and gestures by the actors that add to the overall viewing experience. Check with your cable provider about audio description and voice control offerings.  These devices are just a sample of many that can “speak to you”. Contact us at TechOWL and “we can talk” to you about many more ideas.

Article written by Jule Ann Lieberman MS Certified Low Vision Specialist and Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist

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