Virtual Game Night – Stay connected during COVID-19

Technology can bring us together during this trying time.

Today is Friday, which normally I would celebrate by playing board games with my friends. With the COVID-19, it is important stay home and maintain social distancing. However, with some creative uses of technology, Friday game nights will still happen without any problems!

How to get started

  1. You need a “host computer” which means the person that starts the call and starts the game.
  2. Someone will need to take the lead to create game codes to invite people depending on the game
  3. Be patient, sometimes these things can be glitchy.

Online video conferencing platforms

  1. Zoom
  2. WebEx

These two platforms have the function built in to the program to share the computer audio with others in the call. They give free access.

Virtual game night favorites

  1. Jackbox – connect via your phone to play several mini-games. Most of the games are silly and last around 10-15 minutes each. Be prepared to laugh!
  2. Ticket to Ride – Originally a board game, there is a free app version which you can invite others to play with you. This will require that you play on your phones and chat via video chat.
  3. Cards Against Humanity – This site is a bit tricky, but you can create a game and a unique password for your friends to join. FREE!
  4. Skribblio – This is a silly, but fun game to play in a group. Create a private game and send your friends the link. FREE!
  5. Settlers of Catan – This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE game. There is an app and website that you can invite your friends to play with you.


TechOWL would like to thank Elliot Stoner for sharing his experience and insight from his recent virtual game night that he organized with his coworkers.

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