Zoom on Mobile App for Blind/Low Vision Users

Zoom Meeting is an on-line platform to communicate over distances. Zoom allows anyone to join a meeting from their computer, mobile phone or home phone line.  

Getting an Invitation 

Meetings are created by a host who will invite members to a meeting by sharing a link. This link can be sent via an email message, text message or posted at a website for open access.  

Once you receive an invitation you can open the link. You will have an option to join by computer, mobile app or by calling the number listed below and adding the meeting ID and any participant codes that were applied by the host. 

Zoom Meetings on Mobile Apps 

  1. One Tap Mobile is an option that you can choose when you receive a Zoom Meeting invitation.  
  2. Download the Zoom Meeting app from either App Store or Google Play. This allows you to open a meeting in the app on your mobile device. (Depending upon the accessibility you chose on your mobile device, the controls will be enlarged or will be spoken by the screen reader you enabled.  
  3. You will have prompts that will allow you to join meetings and control if you wish your video to be displayed along with your audio.
  4. Mobile apps have limited access to create an invitation however; attending a meeting is very simple when using the buttons in the app.

Zoom Meetings on a Telephone  

  1. The Zoom meeting can be accessed using a telephone by calling the phone number provided plus meeting ID and any participant codes assigned by the host.
  2. Keep in mind that the call will be long-distance so charges will be applied.  
  3. To mute or unmute calls using the telephone in Zoom Meeting use *6. 
  4. To raise hand use *9. 

    For more information visit: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/205683899-Hot-Keys-and-Keyboard-Shortcuts-for-Zoom. 

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