Phone Signalers (Flashing and Vibrating Signalers)

CR200 Ring Signaler

Clear Sounds loud ring signaler

  • Loud ringer adjusts up to 95 dB with various tone levels
  • Connects directly to your telephone or phone line
  • Bright LED light also flashes when the phone rings
  • Table/wall convertible

Sonic Alert TR75VR Flashing Light Phone Signaler

a flashing light signaler to connect to a phone

  • Plugs directly into the telephone line and a wall outlet. Plug a lamp into the outlet on the device; lamp flashes to signal an incoming call
  • Choice of three different flash patterns
  • Press the button on the signaler to turn on the lamp (e.g. for reading)

MyAlert™ Telephone Pager Kit

MyAlert Telephone Pager KitWireless remote vibrating alert
(extended range)

  • Small receiver with visual
  • Three (3) alerts-extra loud (85 dB) sound, bright red flashing LED
    light, gentle yet powerful vibration
  • Clips to belt or waistband


  • Electrical outlet
  • Two (2) AA batteries-not included


  • With severe hearing loss
  • Who would NOT benefit from a
    flashing light or loud signaler