Senior Independence Kit


1. Big Fat Jumbo Ballpoint Pen — This adaptive writing aid provides optimal grip and comfortable writing experience. The oversized pen helps reduce pressure and pain on hands when writing. Rubber non-slip grip, removable lanyard.

2. Weekly 4 Compartment Pill Sorter — Store a week’s worth of medication. Easy to see markings for morning, afternoon, evening. Great for individuals with memory loss and seniors.

3. Weekly Pill Organizer with Spring Assisted Open Design — Store a week’s worth of medication in this large capacity case. Each pill compartment measures 1.3″x 1.18″ x 0.82″.

4. Door Knob Anti-Slip Covers — Pack of 4 soft, white silicone door knob covers. Easy to install and washable. The ergonomic ribs make gripping a door knob easier.

5. Automatic Can Opener — A hands-free way to open cans. Eliminates twisting, pulling, and struggling. The device automatically walks around the can. Safe to use, no sharp edges, and switches off automatically.

6. Sock Assist — Easily put on socks or compression stockings. Non-slip cuff keeps sock in place. Thick foam handles have comfortable handgrips, and the cord length can be adjusted. Great for older adults, people with limited trunk mobility, and people who have limited use of their lower extremities.

7. Magnifying Medicine Cap Remover — Helps remove caps from most medicine and vitamin bottles. Built-in magnifier makes reading labels easy.

8. Heavy Duty Zipper Pulls — Replace metal zipper pulls on jackets or luggage with durable, lightweight para cord zipper pulls. Has a tactile rubber grip.

9. Pocket Dresser — All-in-one solution for dressing assistance. Easily folds to put in your pocket. Assists user with zippers, untying shoelaces, fastening buttons.

10. Grip Rolls — Non-slip material that holds items in place. Ideal for wheelchairs (prevents sliding and improves posture), vehicles, cafeteria trays, and tabletops. Durable, lightweight, waterproof.

11 – 13. Bottle, Can, and Jar Openers — Includes three separate multi-purpose kitchen tools: the 6-in-1 can opener (pull open pull-tabs, twist open plastic bottles, grip and twist open stubborn jar lids, pop off bottle caps, tear off safety seals, slice open bags with the hidden blade), the 5-in-1 bottle opener (open cans with rings, release vacuum on jar lids, open cans, jars, and bottles, clamps down on food seals and removes pull tabs), and the 4-in-1 jar opener (multiple jaw size fits four sizes of jar/bottle lids or caps. Grip, twist and remove with ease).

14. Foam Grip Tubes — Contains 3- 12″ foam tubes with different hole diameters. Use with eating utensils, tools, writing implements, toothbrushes, razors, crochet hooks, and other objects with small handles. Build up handles for comfort and adaptability.


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