SmartClick Software


Infogrip Inc.



SmartClick is designed to allow any user that can operate a pointing device (mouse, trackball, serial joystick, headmouse, single switch, etc), but cannot click the pointing device buttons, to have the computer do mouse button functions for them. Double-clicks, right-clicks, drags, and keyboard options are just the beginning. Useful features such as Auto-Repeat (mouse clicks or up/down arrows), Close Window, and Escape key add even more capabilities. So if you can move the mouse cursor (whether by mouse, trackball, joystick, laser-eye tracker, or any other means), you can completely run & operate Windows quickly & easily!

You must request a laptop with this software. This software valued at $299.00 will come to you loaded on a laptop valued at $1,316.00.

In addition, because the SmartClick software produces speech input/output a headset valued at $26.00, will come in the kit as well.

The total value of this loan is: $1,641


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