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Reused Equipment

Get it. Give it. Donate your used tools and devices

Giving Tech a Second Life.

TechOwl helps connect people with the tools they need through our equipment reuse program. We have many partners and people across Pennsylvania that make used equipment, tools and technology available for other Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Donating equipment is free and available to people with disabilities, their families, friends, service providers, and others who want to donate previously owned DME/ AT.

To find out more about the equipment that we have please contact us!

TechOwl/PIAT at Temple University

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Email -

Voice -800-204-7428

ASL video call

Devices Donated
(October 2020 - March 2021)
Pennsylvanians Served
(October 2020 - March 2021)
Savings to Pennsylvanians

Disclaimer: TechOwl and its regional resource centers do not accept responsibility for the devices exchanged by donation through this program.

Partner Programs

ATRCs Across Pennsylvania

Our partners and ATRCs accept donations of equipment then clean, store, and donate them to Pennsylvanians with disabilities.

Western PA

  • Alleghenies United Cerebral Palsy Service Coordination: REUSE IT
  • Disability Options Network (DON): DON
  • Life and Independence for Today: LIFT
  • UPMC Life Changing Medicine: MERP

Central PA

Assistive Technology Resource Centers

  • CIL of NC PA: A New Start
  • CLASS: Good Use 
  • TechOWL: REEP
  • Transitional Paths to Independent Living (TRPIL): EquipAbility
  • UCP Central PA: Changing Hands
  • UCP of NEPA: Pass AT On
  • CRI
  • LIFT
  • Lehigh Valley CIL

Interested in becoming a reuse partner?  Contact Us!

Other Resources

TechOwl/PIAT at Temple University
Voice: 800-204-7428
TTY: 1-215-204-1805
Fax: 215-204-6336


3 comments on “Used Equipment Exchange

  1. Hello,
    I have 3 questions:
    Do you ever have used I Pads?
    I have a client that would benefit having an I-Pad. His family believes it would help him communicate more effectively.
    Also, I have another client that is non verbal. Is there someone who can get in touch with me so I can discuss a possible way of helping him communicate?
    Lastly, I have a deaf client, he could also benefit having a communication device. It is sometimes difficult to have a translator available when I visit him.

    1. Hello, Thank you for contacting TechOWL. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we have suspended the Reuse program, among others, for the time being. However, TechOWL does hold free Assistive Tech consults specifically for communication. Please schedule a time to speak to our specialists to prepare for when specific program reopen.

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