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Connect with Tech

Make a difference today! During this time of social distancing, many Pennsylvanians can’t see or communicate with familiar people, friends, and family. We want to help people be able to…
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ACES 2020

SERVICE ACES 2020 Augmentative Communication & Empowerment Supports ACES stands for Augmentative Communication Empowerment and Supports. ACES is a program for young adult users (18+ years) of Augmentative and Alternative…
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Borrow from the Lending Library

With our lending library, you can try out things to see if it will work for you. You need to live in Pennsylvania. We have many items in our lending library.…
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Deaf Blind Services

iCanConnect is a special free program to help people who have combined hearing and vision loss to access telephone, advanced communications and information services. There are income requirements for this…
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Information & Assistance

Have a Question? We are here to help. You can call us, email us or chat online during business hours. We understand that people have different needs regarding how to…
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Training & Presentations

Training and Presentations We provide a variety of presentations, facilitated conversation and exhibitions to help the people in your organization learn about tools and technology for people with disabilities. Common…
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Are you planning a community event or conference? Would your participants be interested in learning more about TechOWL? If so, please contact us about possibly including us in your planning.…
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Technical Assistance

Is your organization looking to include the needs of all people in your planning, procedures and practice? Do you need an experienced team member to help in these efforts? We…
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Help Paying for Assistive Technology

Do you need help to pay for the tools, technology, and services you need? If our programs do not fully help your needs, we will try hard to help you…
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Accessible ICT

An accessible ICT product or service is one which can be used by all its intended users, taking into account their differing capabilities. A person’s ability to use technology may be…
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