ACES 2020


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ACES 2020

Augmentative Communication & Empowerment Supports

ACES 2020 will be July 25 - August 7, 2020 at Temple University in Philadelphia.

ACES stands for Augmentative Communication Empowerment and Supports.

ACES is a program for young adult users (18+ years) of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) located on the main campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

ACES is a two-week intensive program followed by monthly meetups and ongoing social media engagement.


The program goals of ACES include:

  • Improve effective communication by AAC users.
  • Improve computer access by AAC users with current technology.
  • Empower AAC users to control their lives using a person-centered decision-making framework.
  • Increase the capacity of non-AAC users to engage and include AAC users in all activities authentically.
  • Support the families and friends of AAC users to encourage self-determination by the AAC users.
  • Build a community of AAC users to support each other and share experiences.
  • Equip AAC users with a strategy to communicate with the health professionals and provide informed consent or refusal.


Each ACES participant…

  • Is a young adult or adult who uses AAC.
    • May be concentrating on a “transition” such as school to work, home to community, etc.
  • Is currently using or has the potential to use a speech-generating device.
    • Devices (Tobii- Dynavox, PRC, Tablet-based, Phone-based, etc.)
    • Access methods (direct select, eye gaze, switches, etc.)
    • Communicative intent is demonstrated or assumed
  • Is able to participate in a full day of learning and work.
  • Might have a variety of educational or medical diagnoses.


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