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Get Something Made – CreATe Together

Find someone to make equipment just for you.

We can CreATe Together!

CreATe Together matches users and makers together and supports the making process. We make solutions WITH you – not for you.

Do you know what you need but can’t find it at a store? We might have an idea for a simple solution or know how to find someone to help you make what you need.

Using common materials and creativity, makers are creating all sorts of tools and solutions with people to make life easier.

Makers and users can come together to do things from modifying utensils to building furniture. We will work hard to match you with a maker or maker team –  creating together with you.

CreATe Together matches AT makers with AT users.

  • An AT Maker is any person who has a skill or can follow directions and wants to help someone be more independent. Skills might be in an area like electronics, engineering, or sewing, arts and crafts, woodworking, 3-D printing, or computers.
  • An AT User is any person who uses a tool or technology to be more independent. AT users often have an idea of what they wish they could do or have made.
  • An AT Solution is the creation of a tool by the maker(s) and user(s) together. An AT Solution can be anything from a wheelchair mount, weighted blanket, modified clothing, personal self-care tools, access to devices with a switch or voice, special furniture, modified kitchen tools. – The possibilities are endless.

CreATe Together provides support and guidance throughout the entire process.

USER application          Maker application


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