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Used Equipment Exchange

SERVICE Used Equipment Exchange Buy.    Sell.    Donate. TechOwl helps connect people with the tools they need through our exchange program. We have many partners and people across Pennsylvania that…
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Free Special Phones

Free Special Phones are for people who have difficulty hearing, talking, seeing, thinking or moving. Some people start having trouble as they get older or after an accident. Other people…
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Emergency Plans

What is Emergency Preparedness? The term “Emergency planning and preparedness” can cover a wide variety of topics like emergency, risk, disaster, and hazard management. Being prepared for an emergency is…
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Get a Demonstration

Do you want to try a tool or device but you need some help figuring out how to use it? We can sit down with you and demonstrate a variety…
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Personal Services – AAC

Do you need an in-depth evaluation of your communication strengths and challenges by an SLP?
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