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Free Special Phones

If you have trouble using a regular home telephone, you might be able to get a free special home phone.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a Pennsylvania resident with a disability or disabilities that prevent you from making and/or receiving phone calls independently;
  • Be six years of age or older;
  • Have individual gross income of 200% of the federal poverty level or less (see below);
  • Have current telephone service; and
  • Have the ability to learn how to use the requested device(s).

If you can answer YES to ALL of the above questions, you may be eligible for free equipment.

The long name for this free phone program is Pennsylvania’s Telecommunication Device Distribution Program (TDDP). The program uses a small surcharge on traditional phone bills to give special phones to people in our state with disabilities.

This includes people who have difficulty hearing, talking, seeing, thinking or moving. Some people start having trouble as they get older or after an accident. Other people have always had a disability. Disabilities include deafness, hearing loss, speech impairment, blindness or have visual problems as well as physical or intellectual disabilities.

Learn About the Equipment

If you are eligible, you get to choose your equipment from our catalog.

Once you choose your equipment, your decision is final and it cannot be exchanged.

Before you choose equipment, learn about your choices. In order to make the best decision, we STRONGLY suggest that you either borrow equipment from our lending library or meet with us and see all of the possible choices you have.

TDDP Exceptions Instructions and Procedures

Income Requirements

Gross Income (200% of federal poverty guidelines)Size of Family Unit
1      $24,980
2      $33,820
3      $42,660
4      $51,500
5      $60,340
6      $69,180
7      $78,020
8      $86,860

If You Don't Qualify

Please contact your resource center and maybe we can work with you to find the phone you need.

Apply for a Free Phone

You can complete the application form online – or – download and print out the forms. Before you apply online, gather the documents listed in  “Next Steps.”
Apply For A Phone Online

If you would rather fill out a printable form, click on the form and download it to your computer.
Download Application – English (PDF)
Download Application – Español (PDF)

Special Phone Catalog

View all phones

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