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Information and Assistance

TechOWL staff are available to speak with you about our programs and to assist with your needs. We are available to speak over the phone, on video chat, through our websites chat feature and on email. We have staff that speaks English, Spanish and use ASL.

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Training and Presentations

TechOWL's Assistive Technology Specialists are highly knowledgeable on a wide variety of areas within accessibility and assistive technologies for the home, community, and for all ages and abilities. We provide individualized training for professionals, students and community members in Pennsylvania on a request basis.

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TechOWL staff attend exhibits across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to spread the word about our programs.

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Technical Assistance

Is your organization looking to include the needs of all people in your planning, procedures and practice? Do you need an experienced team member to help in these efforts? We offer technical assistance regarding access, technology and more.

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Accessible Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

As the Assistive Technology Act program for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, TechOWL can provide company presentations and trainings regarding ICT, universal design and accessibility to your team. We can help you plan and execute principles of universal design and accessibility for all into your next project.

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