Here are answers to frequently asked questions that we receive at TechOWL

TechOWL is the Assistive Technology Act program that serves the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We offer many programs and services to Pennsylvanians with disabilities. Most of our services are free. We have created this list of frequently asked questions to make your research about the programs offered at TechOWL a little easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lending Library

1. Who can use the lending library?

Anyone in Pennsylvania can use the lending library to meet a disability-related need! We loan directly to users and families, as well as to teachers and therapists. View the Borrowing Instructions to get started. If using an online account is not accessible for you, we are happy to take your library request over the phone.

2. How long can I borrow something from the lending library?

Our loan period is 5 weeks long. (iPads and Chromebooks are 9 weeks.) If you need more time you can contact us and ask for an extension. If there is no waiting list for the device/app we can extend the loan. If we cannot extend the loan because there is a waiting list, you can request the item again and we will put you on the waiting list.

3. How many items can I borrow at once?

Each user may borrow up to three items at a time from the lending library.

You may not borrow duplicates of the same item. If there is a reason you need duplicate items, feel free to contact us and we can suggest solutions. For instance, if you are a speech therapist who wants to trial devices with multiple clients, we encourage you to have the client (or family) place the request directly.

Thanks for your understanding. These policies help us to keep track of who we are serving and to ensure fair access to devices.

4. What am I responsible for?

Before you submit your loan request, you will be shown the fine print of our responsibility and liability statement. At this time, you agree to be responsible for:

  • Proper handling and use of the device
  • Return of all components to the library in a timely manner
  • Notifying the library of any missing, broken, or malfunctioning equipment immediately
  • Paying for items that you lose or break. You are not responsible for paying for damage that occurs during normal use.

You also verify that you understand TechOWL is not responsible for any injury that happens to you from using our devices.

5. What does it mean that my request was “fulfilled”?

If you receive an email stating that your request was fulfilled, it means that the lending library has your request and is working on getting your order ready. If there is a waitlist for an item, it may still be a few weeks until you receive your device/s in the mail. When the package is on it’s way to you, you will receive an email with a UPS tracking number and estimated delivery date.

6. How do I return the device? Do I have to pay for shipping?

TechOWL covers all shipping costs. Using the lending library is completely free for you. When your device arrives, there will be a return label inside the box. This label is prepaid. Please save the box, and the label, to use for your return.

You can drop your return off at a local UPS or you can contact TechOWL to have us schedule a home pickup for your convenience.

Training and Presentations

1. How much does it cost to have trainings or presentations by TechOWL?

Training and presentations are usually FREE. TechOWL is a federally funded program and we are paid by the government to teach people about assistive technology. If your organization needs extensive or personalized presentations, there may be a cost but you would know that upfront.

2. How often can TechOWL present to my organization?

We allow organizations to request one presentation or training a year for free. If an organization wants multiple presentations or for TechOWL to organize a workshop series, we can discuss cost.

3. What topics does TechOWL cover in their trainings?

TechOWL personalizes each presentation that we give to the specific requests of the group or organization. A TechOWL staff member will reach out to get more details about your goals and expectations. Get started by filling out the Request a Presentation form.


Formal Evaluations

1. Do you provide AT evaluations?

Yes, TechOWL does offer AT evaluations by qualified professionals such as a RESNA-certified ATP. If you need a full, formal evaluation the charge is $150/hr. You may contact us for an intake form.

2. Do you have AAC evaluations?

Yes, TechOWL does offer AAC evaluations by licensed speech language pathologists. However, please contact us first to discuss if a formal evaluation is even needed. Sometimes a free consultation is enough to identify an appropriate communication solution.

Formal evaluations are not free. The charge is $150/hr. The duration of an evaluation is variable and can be discussed with one of the TechOWL Speech Language Pathologists at the initial consultation meeting

3. Do I need an evaluation?

Many people do not need a formal evaluation. We encourage everyone to first take advantage of our free resources. A free consult with one of our AT specialists can help you identify tools that might be a good fit!

The most common reason people choose to have a formal evaluation is so that they can get insurance to pay for their assistive technology. TechOWL does not directly bill insurance. We give you a report with our recommendations to submit to insurance or to your waiver provider.

Getting AT

1. Does TechOWL have a program that can help pay for assistive technology?

Yes. TechOWL has a mini grant of up to $400 called “The Del Sordo Fund.” Del Sordo Fund online application

2. Can TechOWL help me find other funding for assistive technology?

TechOWL staff are familiar with many programs – like insurance, waiver funding and grants – and can try to help as best as they can to find other funding sources. Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation can also help with no interest or low interest loans for assistive devices.

3. What other ways does TechOWL help me get the assistive technology that I need?

TechOWL can help you find free assistive technology with the Free Special Phone program, the iCanConnect program, and the Connect With Tech tablet program. You may also be able to get items donated through the used equipment program or made by the CreATe Together program.

We are happy to answer any other questions you may have! You can call us at 800-204-7428, email us at, or live chat us on this website by using the red circle icon on the lower right corner of the screen. We are here Monday – Friday from 8:30-4:30.

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