The Chair

Open your heart
And I can be your friend
I promise to stay loyal
Until the very end

Here to help you
Pick you up
Show you you’re still good enough

Take you where you need to be
Fast and furious
Strong and free

Just step on the gas
And let’s take flight
Don’t walk away
You’ll be alright 

The clouds will fade
The sun will rise
Your strength will lift you
To the sky

Hold on tight
I am the change
Your arms wide open
But still wanting the same

Afraid to let go
Don’t want to sit down
Still searching for that love
That used to be around

Life happens
And this is it
So, take a breath
And kindly sit 

Here to put your pain to rest
Open your eyes
You’re still the best 

I am not the Power
It’s You
Don’t you see
Still fast and furious
Always strong and free.

Katie Fetterolf

Katie is the Project Coordinator for Pennsylvanias Assistive Technology Lending Library. She is responsible for processing and screening all device loan applications, and for managing and maintaining all lending library equipment. She loves sports. Especially the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles!

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