To My Walker

Running free
Flying high
Everything to me
Everything to me
You and I

Building me up so I would never hide
Power, Strength
Always living inside

Sweat down my face
Not a care in the world
I had you behind me
My favorite girl

But now I am lost
I am not me
Without you, I don’t know
Who I am going to be

No choices to be made
Change is here
So, suck it up 
And show no fear

Will miss you dearly
But I have to get better
Forever in my heart
Always walking together.


Katie Fetterolf

Katie is the Project Coordinator for Pennsylvanias Assistive Technology Lending Library. She is responsible for processing and screening all device loan applications, and for managing and maintaining all lending library equipment. She loves sports. Especially the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles!

5 comments on “To My Walker

  1. Thanks, Katie. This is beautifully said, a powerful personification and an insightful reflection on an important life transition. I love it!

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing and for gifting us with your lovely poetry! – Grace C.

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