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Training & Presentations

We can provide training to your organization or class about a wide range of topics.

We provide a variety of presentations, facilitated conversation and exhibitions to help the people in your organization learn about tools and technology for people with disabilities.

Common topics include:

  • Tool & Technology to Help People with Disabilities
  • Finding Solutions Together - Interactive session
  • Getting a Free Special Phone
  • Tools & Technology for a Specific Population
  • Be Prepared for an Emergency
  • etc...

Our presentations can be geared to

  • people with disabilities
  • educators
  • health providers
  • support services providers
  • seniors
  • children

We can also discuss and share tools & technology for

  • autism
  • blind/low vision
  • communication difficulties
  • Deaf/hard of hearing
  • intellectual disabilities
  • learning disabilities
  • motor difficulties
  • and more

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